Welcome to Studio G, an independent commercial illustration house and comic book publisher.
As an art studio, STUDIO G offers full services in the areas of illustration: including cartooning, graphics and layout, with additional experience in areas of animation and storyboarding. Art Directors should click the ‘ART & SERVICES’ button and check out the galleries to view some of our past work or download the sample sheets.
As a publisher, STUDIO G offers a line of quality independent comics books, such as the critically acclaimed Tales of the Moonlight Cutter and Murciélaga / She-Bat, as well as the 7th SEA comics, and the upcoming AK line of titles. Click the ‘PUBLICATIONS’ button for greater information.

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Things are beginning to happen again around here.
Issue #2 of The Tales of the Moonlight Cutter is in stores now!
Please click the link and see what’s up and read the reviews from last year’s #1.

Now, Studio G is proud to announce its latest venture into tandem publishing.

With the success and critical acclaim of Tales of the Moonlight Cutter, Studio G looks forward to an equally successful endeavor with AK Comics and their titles.

The characters coming from AK will merge right into the flavor of the Studio G personality of cultural exploration, and are expected to be welcomed by the seventeen and older audience that Studio G has developed.

The first titles from the new AK line will begin in September.